Obtaining Your Birth Chart

Obtaining Your Birth Chart

The first step to understanding your own astrology is to obtain a copy of your Birth Chart. This is a 2D snapshot of the solar system in the exact moment you were born. Studying your natal chart is a lifelong process. Don’t get discouraged if it looks like info-overload. It’s very simple when broken down into its parts.

There are many free online chart calculators. Before the information age, one needed a physical ephemeris, protractors, paper, and substantial understanding of math to cast a chart. This is obviously no longer the case. Astrology has never been this accessible! 

Every calculator has it's pros and cons. In order to help you get started, we have taken the liberty of providing you widely-used and customizable calculators:



For help reading your natal chart, grab your copy of Simplified Astrology: Volume One!

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