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Zodiac Cords

Zodiac Cords

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Knot magick is one of the simplest and easiest way to build correspondences into your life & magickal workings. By imbuing cords, fabrics, or strings together with a specific intention - certain energies can be captured, harnessed, & utilized. What you will find on this page is a variety of hand-made cords created by metaphysicians and astrologers.

Each cord is one of a kind & ritually created with lots of love, magick, and reiki - all under appropriate astrological timing. As a tool, these are only as limited as your imagination! Try wearing them as jewelry or tying them to objects that you own. 


🔥 It’s time for Your New Beginning 🔥

The warm red and yellow colors were meditated upon to represent the Aries and Mars energies, charms such as warrior helmets, swords, astrological signs, and genuine crystals.

Hematite to bring in Iron, the metal of Mars.
Red Jade for warrior energy. 


🌍 It’s time to Feel the Love 💖

The earthy greens & vibrant pink on these cords brings in the grounding & love of the Taurus energy.

Special charms are used to represent the Taurus & Venus energies. Genuine rose quartz, jade beads, & locally-sourced hagstones bring in the love of Venus & Mother Earth. 




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