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TikTok Live Reading

TikTok Live Reading

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Wish Your Life Came With a Map? 

Luckily for you, it did! Your Natal Chart is a diagram of our solar system at the moment of your birth. This is the energetic blueprint you carry throughout your life. Your chart is an invaluable tool for self-discovery & will add a level of depth to your life that you never imagined possible. 

Book a chart reading with Simplified Astrology's founder, Mark David Meyer, and get ready to take a deep-dive into the self. As an author and full-time astrologer, Mark has read countless charts & helped thousands of individuals transform & become more self-realized through their astrology. 


This is the only place to get a reading from me. I WILL NOT send you DMs reaching out for your business & asking for payment. 

An accurate birth date, time, & location is required for a natal chart. We miss a lot when the details are off or missing. Readings are first come first serve. Stock is limited. If you’re able to pay it’s your lucky day 🍀

When you purchase you will receive email confirmation. Share your order number in the live chat so I can put names to face, etc. When I’ve identified you, you can either send in your birth details in the live chat (most people do this) or send it privately through email.

Blessed Be ✌️

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